Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland


The charity was formed a century ago to help in the fight against tuberculosis. That fight was won, but today the battle goes on against ailments which continue to blight the well being of the nation.

They fund research into all aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and the social impact of chest heart and stroke illness.

They provide care and support throughout Scotland for people affected by these conditions, as well as their families and other carers. More than 1,200 people affected by stroke, especially those with communication problems, benefit from their main community service, the Volunteer Stroke Service (VSS) and 800 volunteers help operate it locally.

They also provide an advice service and a welfare grant programme to help patients and their families.

The Souter Charitable Trust provided funding to purchase and operate an MRI scanner at the University of Dundee's Insitute of Cardiovascular Research (TICR) at Ninewells Hospital.

You’ll find out more about their aim to improve the quality of life for people in Scotland affected by chest, heart and stroke illness at their web site:



"This is a magnificent philanthropic gesture and one which will have a significant impact on the work we can do here in Dundee." Jill Belch. Head of the Institute

"Scotland has made real progress in reducing death from heart disease and improving treatment, however we have been less successful in preventing heart disease from occurring. This major donation, mediated through hest Heart and Stroke Scotland, will help reduce the incidence of this major killer over decades to come." David Clark. CEO Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland


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