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Joint Aid Management (JAM) is a South African-founded non-profit organisation, who since 1984 has expanded its expertise in relief and sustainable development.

 Their programmes, which are based on a Complete Community Development Assistance (CCDA) model, include nutritional interventions, school feeding, assistance to orphans and vulnerable children, the provision of water and sanitation, skills development, community training on agricultural development, income generation and HIV/AIDS projects. JAM strongly believes that without education, there can be no development. Quality of schooling and most importantly, adequate nutrition allows a child to focus, retain, and apply what is being learned. JAM currently assists around 690,000 children through nutritional feeding, health and social welfare programmes as well as hundreds of thousands of additional beneficiaries ensuring that we provide a hand up toward communities becoming self sufficient.’

 The Souter Charitable Trust has been delighted to provide funding for the purpose of direct school feeding and also borehole drilling at the Complete Community Assistance Project in Angola.

If you would like to see a two minute video clip about the water project then please click here www2.jamint.com/INTL/Media  and select JAM:Water from the list on the right.

 Please take time to find out more by visiting:  www.jamint.com

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