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Update from August's Trustees Meeting 


The Trustees met on Thursday 27th August. A total of 408 applications were received for discussion at this meeting and 172 charities were awarded funding totaling £527,914. 

More than 60 applications did not meet the Trusts guidelines for being UK registered charities and therefore were not able to be considered for funding.



The Trustees have received a number of funding requests to help relieve the emergency situation in Beirut following the explosion at the port.  We have responded to this by awarding 3 separate mission agencies with funding of £10,000 each.


New Commitment -  Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

The Souter Charitable Trust has entered into a new 3 year commitment with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).


For 75 years MAF has been flying light aircraft to some of the world’s most remote areas, enabling partners to deliver vital medical care, emergency relief, and Christian hope to thousands of communities worldwide. Our vision is to see 'isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ's name.' We use aviation and technology, because in many places those are the only ways to reach isolated people in need.

The support of the Souter Charitable Trust has enabled MAF to build an airstrip in a remote region of Myanmar which will allow us to continue to fulfil our mission. The airstrip, will provide easier all-year-round access to this isolated area, rather than expose travelers to the lengthy and often hazardous overland journey. Consequently, this will lead to accelerated socio-economic development of the region, as well as allowing these communities to better connect with the rest of Myanmar. On completion, this airstrip will allow approximately 40,000 people to benefit from life -saving services.

At MAF, we believe nothing should stop people from receiving the love of God and the essentials of life – no matter how remote they are.


Medair Awarded Funding 

The Souter Charitable Trust has made a substantial one off donation to Medair.


This year we celebrate 10 years of partnership with the Souter Charitable Trust!

Medair is an international humanitarian organisation working to relieve human suffering in some of the world’s most remote and devastated places.

We specialise in providing rapid multi-sectoral assistance to sudden onset emergencies and we have an emergency response team ready to deploy within 24 hours. We provide a range of emergency relief and recovery services, including health care and nutrition, safe water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter and infrastructure. We save lives in emergencies and then stay to help people recover from crisis with dignity, working side by side with communities to leave a lasting impact.

Since 2011, the support of the Souter Charitable Trust has enabled us to bring relief and recovery to thousands of vulnerable people in some of the most remote places across the world.

Thanks to the Trust support to our project after the Indonesia tsunami in 2018, we distributed emergency shelter, Non-Food Item and hygiene kits, and we promoted safe hygiene practices among the community, reaching 16,093 people in Central Sulawesi through this project.

In 2019, the Trust contribution to our work in Mozambique in response to the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai, has enabled us to distribute vital aid and resources to 3,830 households across eight communities. The provision of water treatment and filter training has strengthened communities’ understanding and use of locally available products that will be used for years to come.

Medair is currently responding in Beirut, Lebanon, following the massive explosion on 4 August 2020.The Trust support is enabling us to respond rapidly and bring relief to the population, and will help us to rehabilitate damaged health clinics.

Together, we are saving lives and giving communities hope for the future.


Sporting Marvels Awarded Funding 

The Souter Charitable Trust has made a substantial one off donation to Sporting Marvels.



Sporting Marvels is a Christian charity working with over 1,000 children per week through primary and secondary schools in the Rhondda Valleys of South Wales. Rhondda is one of the UK’s most deprived areas, with several wards listed on the lower end of Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation. The region suffers from high unemployment (primarily due to the closure of its Coalmines in the 1980's), high levels of drug and alcohol misuse, and few positive role models for its children. Additionally, Rhondda fell far since the Welsh Revival and in 2001, the Census recorded that less than 0.9% of the population regularly attended church – a statistic that was the lowest in the UK at that time!!

Sporting Marvels has been working to change the status quo in Rhondda for over 16 years now, helping young people to grow in confidence and self-esteem by introducing them to Christianity in a contemporary way. With the aim of putting a positive Christian role model (a ‘Marvel’) in front of every Rhondda pupil, age 10-18, every day, the ministry has succeeded in making Jesus and Christianity relevant to an entire generation that otherwise, would not have been reached. Brian & Betty have helped make this possible, first getting behind the vision in the mid-noughties, supporting Founder & Chairman, Phil Davies, and the first overseas Marvels to bring through today’s homegrown Christian role models who were once young people being discipled through the various programmes: once influenced, now influencing.

More recently, the Souter Charitable Trust has helped Sporting Marvels establish one of the UK’s most innovative and effective Christian teaching curriculums covering RE, PSE & PE. Delivered in over 20 secular primary schools on a weekly basis, the programme has flourished over the last five years, garnering special praise from Headteachers, parents, and of course, from the kids themselves.

Since 2019, Brian & Betty have also supported the Dream Centre Wales Church vision which was established out of the work of Sporting Marvels. Their generosity has enabled the church to meet at a modern college facility close to the centre of the region and with continuous growth over the last three years and a congregation average age of below 25, the potential is amazing.


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