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Update from December's Trustees Meeting 


The Trustees met on Monday 20th December. A total of 195 applications were received for discussion at this meeting and just over £327,000.00 was awarded to various charities. 



The Souter Charitable Trust has made a substantial one off donation to SAT-7


SAT-7 is a Christian satellite television and digital media broadcaster serving 25 countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It began in 1996 with a single two-hour broadcast per week, and now it airs Christian content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on four satellite channels and various online platforms.

SAT-7’s vision is to see a growing church in the MENA, confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture. Its mission is thus to provide the churches of the region with an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative and educational media services.

So SAT-7 seeks to make the Christian Gospel available to everyone in the region, especially to those who might never otherwise hear it. And our programmes also encourage, support and empower the Church in its life, work and witness, not least in areas of political turmoil and anti-Christian persecution.

SAT-7 broadcasts in the three main languages of the region: Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. Our programmes are mostly produced and presented by local believers and have an estimated audience of 25 million viewers. They are supported by dedicated audience relations teams, who respond to more than a thousand contacts every day.

Generous funding from the Souter Charitable Trust supports SAT-7’s programmes for children and young people. Our broadcasting promotes the health and wellbeing of our younger viewers, encourages them in godly values and lifestyles, and equips them for a fulfilled life of service to God and their communities. We are deeply grateful to the Trust for partnering with us in this ministry.


Safe Families for Children

The Souter Charitable Trust has entered into a new 2 year commitment with Safe Families for Children. 


Safe Families believe that no one should be alone. They have a vision to see thousands of local Christians right across the UK offering hope, belonging and support to their community’s most vulnerable children, families and care leavers.

Safe Families already have over 4,900 trained and supported volunteers from over 1,000 churches and community groups across the UK. This year they expect to support 1,400 families, connecting them with these volunteers so they no longer feel isolated and are being supported to stay together and thrive.

These relationships bring hope and practical help, they encourage, they provide the support of a good friend, neighbour, aunt or grandparent that many of us would take for granted. And without whom our own stories could look very different.

The need is huge and there is a growing care crisis with rising numbers of children in care and early help services being cut across the country. Safe Families has a model that works; having effectively demonstrated the ability to reduce the flow of children into care, to sustain families in the community and to increase the sense of hope and connection that families have; ultimately enabling them to thrive, happy and secure.

The funding awarded by the Souter Charitable Trust will allow Safe Families to start and establish their work in Perth and Kinross, supporting 100+ families in the area.  

Safe Families CEO Kat Osborn said “We are so grateful to the Souter Charitable Trust for partnering with us to bring hope and belonging to some of the most isolated families in Perth and Kinross through local volunteers and communities.””


World Vision Update - Afghanistan Response 

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World Vision has been working in Afghanistan for the past 20 years, helping over 6 million people, and are committed to continuing to support those families in desperate need. World Vision Afghanistan has worked to protect girls and boys, provide them with an education, promoted better health and sanitation, and helped to build livelihoods. Afghanistan is filled with children who have amazing potential and World Vision’s greatest wish is to serve them and give all children fullness of life. Their courageous staff have been unrelenting in this pursuit and have constantly secured humanitarian and development access in the most difficult and dangerous areas to achieve this.

Currently more than 18 million Afghan people - at least half the country - need humanitarian assistance following recent impacts of COVID-19, a severe drought, conflict and displacement. World Vision’s priority as a child-focussed organisation is to ensure malnourished children are placed on feeding programmes immediately. In partnership with the World Food Programme, World Vision is currently distributing food in Badghis and Ghor provinces. Through mobile clinics World Vision is providing health and nutrition activities aimed at feeding malnourished children and dealing with urgent health problems. These mobile health teams service families displaced by conflict and the vulnerable communities that are hosting them. They are the first point of contact for health issues that may require immediate or further treatment.