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Update from September's Trustees Meeting 


The Trustees met on Thursday 24th September. A total of 180 applications were received for discussion at this meeting and 85 charities were awarded funding totaling £356,828.00



The Trustees have received a number of funding requests to help relieve the emergency situation in Beirut following the explosion at the port.  We have responded to this by awarding 3 separate mission agencies with funding of £10,000 each.


Sowing Seeds Ministries Current Commitment Extended For A Further Year.

The Trustees have extended their current commitment with Sowing Seeds Ministries for a further 12 months.


Natasha and Gram, who together, operate and run Sowing Seeds Ministries, have seen a huge spike in the number of people needing help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sowing Seeds Ministries have fed over 407 families during this time and amongst them are 1,051 children.

Gram met Brian Souter in 2002 at Stirling Castle, where they shared their testimonies on an Alpha Course supper night and since that meeting, The Souter Charitable Trust has helped Sowing Seeds reach over 400,000 people, with one-to-one pastoral meetings in prisons, schools and people’s homes, whilst running Alpha Courses and Sunday services every week.

Sowing Seeds Ministries also spend a lot of time helping to support children, young people and adults who have either suffered from mental illness' or are trying to overcome this tragic and insurmountable burden. Natasha and the team help and support people suffering

from mental health issues on a daily basis, feeding and clothing them whilst helping to find the necessary next step in the persons journey. As well as this Sowing Seeds Ministries open a daily drop-in centre for people suffering from mental health issues, drug addictions and

homelessness. We teach them basic skills to continue their journey into a better life. Including CV writing, housing, banking.

The Souter Charitable Trust are also first-hand responsible in supporting the annual trip to The Jonas Centre in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. Where over 20 unfortunate families get to experience a fantastic holiday, they would never get elsewhere. Families are often extremely taken back by the enjoyment and love they feel when attending The Jonas Centre, and they almost always find a way of attending Sowing Seeds Ministries again to help, volunteer or simply attend our group sessions which include Bible studies, Alpha Courses and much more. This trip is a proud and close-hearted event for Sowing Seeds Ministries as we have had the overwhelming pleasure watching the parents and children experience a holiday full of excitement, family and love unlike any other.


New Commitment Agreed With Bethany Christian Trust 

The Trustees have agreed a new commitment Bethany Christian Trust for the next 4 years.


“Bethany Christian Trust is a national charity whose mission is to relieve the suffering and meet the long term needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland. We share a big vision – to work together towards the aim of Ending Homelessness in Scotland. We do this practically, one person at a time, one family at a time, and one community at a time; with the invaluable support of all our stakeholders, partners and supporters. Originally founded in Leith in Edinburgh, Bethany supports almost 7,000 people a year across Scotland including Glasgow, Bathgate, Dundee, Aberdeen, Dumfries and Fife.
We provide high quality support services and accommodation for people who are at risk of becoming homeless, people who are currently homeless and people who have been homeless but now have their own home. We support people in a broad range of ways including: housing, education and employment, addiction recovery, emotional well-being, street outreach, community integration, offending reduction and social support.
Our integrated approach consists of 3 core streams of life-changing services: Homelessness Prevention, Crisis Intervention and Housing & Support. 
The Souter Charitable Trust have supported Bethany’s work over many years and partnered with us in reaching the least, the last and the lost.  The Souter Charitable Trust have recently pledged to increase support for Bethany’s mission to reach more people across Scotland through Christian love in action and in demonstration of the Gospel.  The team at Bethany is hugely grateful for this amazing support which will not only sustain existing services but be a catalyst for new initiatives across Scotland over the next 4 years. All our services focus on relieving the suffering and meeting the long terms needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland.” 
Alasdair Bennett, Chief Executive, Bethany Christian Trust


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