Souter Charitable Trust Makes Record Donations Of £15.89 Million

Thursday, 15 Mar 2012

Souter Charitable Trust, the charity set up by transport tycoon Sir Brian Souter and his wife Lady Betty, stepped up its giving in 2011 to make donations of £15.89 million.

The figure is more than three times more than the £4.4 million which Souter Charitable Trust gave away in 2010.

A total of 1,080 grants were awarded in 2011 compared with 895 the previous year. Of these 922 (845) were for less than £15,000 while most grants were one-off payments of £1000 or less.

Larger donations went to:

  • Christian relief and development agency Tearfund which received £292,500 as part of a commitment of £3million
  • Message Trust, which reaches out to disadvantaged young people. It received £206,668 as part of a commitment of £2.5 million
  • Global equal opportunities charity Oasis which received £383,334 as part of a commitment of £2.25 million
  • JAM International, a South African-founded Christian charity with a focus on humanitarian relief and development which received £500,000 as part of a £1.5 million commitment

The trust gave donations to charities involved in drug, alcohol and nicotine addiction campaigns and supported HIV and AIDS initiatives in more than 20 countries around the globe.

The trust also gave grants to charities involved in health, education, housing, safety, youth work and the alleviation of hunger and poverty.

In addition, Souter Charitable Trust made sizable donations to assist local and international charities deal with natural disasters. Projects assisted included:

  • Floods in Pakistan
  • Drought in Niger
  • The earthquake and tsunami in Japan
  • The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia
  • Floods in Sri-Lanka

Since its formation in 1992, the trust has awarded grants worth £40 million.

Funding for the trust comes exclusively from donations from Sir Brian Souter and from investments established by Sir Brian.

Sir Brian, founder and CEO of Stagecoach Group one of the world’s biggest transport companies, said he was pleased his family trust had been able to substantially increase not only the amount but the number of donations.

Lady Souter said: “We are delighted to be supporting so many wonderful charities, churches and organisations which are doing all they can to relieve human suffering and make the world a better place both materially and spiritually.”

Souter Charitable Trust tends to support revenue costs rather than capital projects and charitable organisations rather than individuals.

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